your soul.
It knows the way.


Kristin Eubanks-Parmeter better known as Krissy Vaine is a Healer, Sage and Intuitive Orator. She is also an active Professional Wrestler as well as Television Model.


Oddly enough Kristin’s long history of  being in the entertainment industry led her down the path of self-mastery. After stumbling, falling and hitting a perpetual “dark night of the soul,” she was blessed enough to walk the spiritual path of a shaman whom MIRACULOUSLY showed up in her life when she so desperately needed it.


This shaman worked with her on “light body,” activating lost parts of her DNA, as well as, opening her to be a vessel of healing to others.


Kristin is a Holistic Life Coach certified by the Spencer Institute, a Master’s in Shamanism and a Master’s in Spiritual Awareness. She also studied "Elemental’s and Earth-Beings" under spiritual leader Doreen Virtue and is a Reiki and Intuitive Healer/Reader.


Kristin believes teaching and inspiring is a large part of her own soul’s path. After discovering these “secrets” she wants to spread her knowledge with those she comes across. Spirituality and Self-Mastery became her mission over 12 years ago, and she has not stopped since!


Over the years, Kristin has developed courses and taught them in her community. She has written and instructed lectures on Indigo Adults and Highly Sensitive People, Breaking Karmic Cycle’s, and The Chakra System. She certifies her own students as “Intuitive Healers”. Kristin loves circles for women and often held Goddess Events at local restaurants to give RISING women a place to go meet OTHER RISING women.


After the birth of her first child, Kristin stepped away from the esoteric arts publicly so that she could continue her own healing.


Kristin feels NOW is the time to let that NEW person emerge back into the secular world. As the planet needs healers now more than ever.


It’s time to awaken, it’s time to break the invisible cords that bind us and it’s time to create the new earth...together.


With all my love,

Xo- Krissy

(And the Awakening Team)


Holistic Life Coach

certified by the Spencer Institute


certified by the Universal Life Church


certified by the Universal Life Church




Be mindful, extremely selective, and very intentional about the people you allow in your life. Not enough people are talking about how life-altering this is.


What I offer

20 | 40 | 60 minute sessions available

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Kristin connects with angels and other sentient light beings to offer insight on past present and future in your life. Ask the angels and you will receive.

Path Readings

Feeling stuck? Let Kristin guide you to your true life path by accessing your highest truth. Map your way to your best life with a life path reading.


Energy Healing works thru all matters of time and space. You do not need to be present with Kristin to receive healing. Kristin works and balances your chakra system removing blocks as well as upgrades your dna with ancient shamanism techniques, reiki and self downloaded intuitive healing.

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